Company health insurance is gaining in importance

The topic of company health insurance currently appears regularly in the headlines of the specialist press and is the focus of many companies’ strategic considerations.

Employee health is an important factor for employers. Company health insurance offers companies an opportunity to maintain the health of their employees, to close possible gaps in care and thus to actively strive for the well-being of their employees. Demographic change means that more and more older people are employed. In addition, illness-related complaints increase with age. It is worth investing more in the health of the workforce. A company health insurance is the ideal instrument for this. With flexible health modules, sick leave times can be reduced and the efficiency of companies secured in the long term.

The workforce also benefits: The employees enjoy high-quality medical care – this can be experienced first-hand and provides financial relief. The companies motivate and retain good staff, offer new employees real added value and increase their overall attractiveness as an employer.

With freely combinable health modules, companies offer their employees a flexible reward system. Entire workforces or defined groups of employees can be insured. For 10 or more employees, the individual modules can be put together as required.

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The advantages at a glance:

  • Maintaining the health of the workforce and reducing medical costs
  • Image enhancement for the company
  • Increase in productivity through healthy and motivated employees
  • Contributions are business expenses
  • Companies show appreciation for their employees and increase their attractiveness as employers
  • Flexible combination of health modules
  • Little administrative effort

The advantages for the employees:

  • No health check, no waiting
  • Directly available services
  • The employer pays contributions
  • Immediately tangible added value
  • Compensation of gaps in coverage in statutory health insurance; for example with dental care or hospital stays
  • Access to quality medical care
  • Health phone around the clock

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