Machine insurance for rental equipment

If you rent construction machinery or other mobile devices as an entrepreneur, the rental company will usually charge you not only the rental costs but also costs for taking out machine comprehensive insurance.

These additional insurance costs quickly add up to several thousand euros over the course of a year, depending on the rental volume. In addition, depending on the provider, deductibles of up to 4,000 euros apply in the event of damage, which you must also pay to the lender. This can quickly add up to five-digit additional costs over a whole year.

In the event of damage, the necessary repair costs or – in the event of a total loss – also the replacement costs of an equivalent machine, minus the agreed deductible, will be reimbursed.

The premium for this insurance is based on the rental costs of one year and amounts annual rental costs to around 70,000 euros, usually no more than 1,000 euros annually

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Our tip:

Take out full machine insurance for rented machines yourself!

Insurance cover then exists for all unforeseen damage, in particular due to

  • operating errors, clumsiness, negligence, malicious intent,
  • construction, material or execution errors,
  • tearing due to centrifugal force, short circuit, overload, foreign bodies, overpressure or underpressure, lack of water in steam generators, failure of measuring , Control or safety devices,
  • storm, frost, ice drift,
  • fire and theft.

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